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It is important that we all contribute our service to create outdoor recreational and educational opportunities for the enjoyment of nature’s gift for all of our citizens.

Tubby and Adeline Toms created this camp in 1951 for our county because they knew just how special this area is. They were the catalyst to create this wonderful place. Individuals, agencies and businesses in our communities have been the catalyst for the resurrection and renewal of Nameless Creek Camp and Event Center in these past 12 years. Now, we need new catalysts to ensure the camp vitality and security for all generations to come. 

We need YOU in our volunteer corps to be the stewards of this great facility for all the citizens of our area communities. If you have one hour to give or you can help maintain this camp with several hours of your free time, please call or email the camp to offer your service.

"We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love."


Mother Teresa


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